Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Where is the harmony?

I've forgotten how much I love Friends.It's just CLASSIC.

I just typed out a whole post, then decided against it.

I really like Twitter because it's my favorite part of Facebook (status updates) without any of the stupid stuff (♥ Taylor and Danielle ended their relationship, Jordan K updated "Favorite Books")! Thank you, Jillian!

Today was the Best-Worst day ever, which are actually my favorite kind of days. Here's how it went down:
Best: I got 9 hours of sleep last night.
Worst: I overslept.
Best: I got ready in record time and my makeup went on flawlessly
Worst: Diane Sawyer was on TV, which is at an angle so I can see it from the bathroom mirror.
Best: My hair looked great this morning
Worst: It was cloudy all morning and rained in the afternoon.
Best: Psychology class was let out early
Worst: I RAN to Moore, and burst into my Linguistics class. There were no seats, so I had to sit in the back in a CHAIR, not even a DESK!
Best: I wasn't late.
Worst: I was TEN MINUTES EARLY AND interrupted the linguistics class BEFORE me.
Best: It was Haley's class and I got to talk to her for a few minutes.
Worst: I don't know how to make consonants syllabic, and today made that apparent.
Best: I got a 96 on my quiz.
Worst: Was hit on by a creepy kid with a hole in his shirt.
Best: My iPod shuffled to "Pennies From Heaven" by Louis Prima while I walked in the slight sprinkle.
Worst: The sprinkle evoked my newest irrational fear: black ice.
Best: I found a new word to describe how it is currently raining at any given time. "Sizzling" (The sound it makes when it hits your window/windshield. If we ever meet, I'll demonstrate.)
Worst: When I went to Walmart to buy toilet paper and notecards, the HEAVENS opened up and I was soaked by the time I walked 40 feet from my car to the door. Then the Walmart patrons JUDGED ME.
Best: I talked to my mom 5-6 times today.
Worst: My phone died in the middle of one of our conversations and would NOT recharge.
Best: It's fully charged now.
Worst: AFTER I drove to the Verizon store, stood in line, and made a complete fool out of myself when the guy hooked it up to a charger and said "It's working now," hooked it up to my charger, "Still working," and hooked it up to ANOTHER charger and said "I don't know what it was doing before, but it's fine now."
Best: I had some really good tea.
Worst: My stupid classmates convinced my Linguistics teacher to postpone the test from Monday to Wednesday because they're all 12 and not adults and can't study on a Sunday night. This is the easiest stuff, too! ARGH.
Best: I am halfway done with my Psychology research participation.
Worst: /Funniest (This is Best/Worst/HILARIOUS to me) A blog I read is dedicated to a 4 year old girl at my church who has bone cancer in her femur. It's really inspiring and sad, but today her mom wrote "[She] wanted her pink blanky. Lord knows the Earth would stop on its axes [sic] if she didn't have it." I laughed, just imagining the world stopping on thousands of axes. Hopefully that would happen in a desert location somewhere so no one would be hurt.
Best: A really good stand-up special was on Comedy Central when I got home.
Worst: I can't remember why I laughed.

I just remembered that I have to do something before I leave in an hour!

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