Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 7

I am thankful for unusual things. I am thankful for creativity and people who are strong enough to do their own thing, but aren't pretentious about it. I'm thankful for new ideas or old ideas used in new ways. I'm thankful for splashes of color in a gray and brown world.

I'm thankful that everyone's different, no matter how much we try to assimilate ourselves with cultural norms and fads. 

I am thankful that I stumble upon things that change my outlook on life and myself. 

I am thankful for ice cream in 12 degree weather and the memories of a fun trip.

Seven days of being thankful for small things has really put things in perspective for me.  I've really enjoyed looking for small things to be thankful for. It made me realize that I have A LOT of great things going for me; the stuff on here was only a small portion of what I've noticed over the past week. With all these small and large things, the bad things pale in comparison. The cold weather couldn't touch the way my soul was warmed by the sight of the sun between the buildings and trees or four new friends eating Thai on a Thursday night. 

I also cleaned out my car, which really helps my mood. 

Thank you, God, for opening my eyes. Help me keep them open. Help me love unconditionally and help me be more tolerant. Help me love myself, because it's hard to love others when you hold so much resentment against yourself. Help me serve, and help me with you-know-what. I'd really like that to happen.

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