Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 2

Today, I am thankful for my family. I don't seem to appreciate them as much as they deserve. They really have been too good to me. And I know without a doubt that our vacation would NOT have been the same without tiny Hanna here. I would not have made the world's tiniest snowball, nor would I have made a "snow angel" (actually read "snow mixed with dirt angel" seeing as there was only an inch of snow on the ground!) for the first time in 7 years. I wouldn't smile as much, either, because every time I talk to her, she says something funny.

I am also thankful for music. Not just any music, because, let's be honest, some of it stinks (see: The Fray, Nick Carter solo).

I'm thankful that some people can play the piano. I am thankful that I can read music and can at least play the melody of a song. I'm thankful that some people can play other instruments, like the euphonium, the flute, and the guitar. 

But more than anything, I am thankful for the emotions that the song "Zero Percent" by Jason Mraz evokes. Every time I hear it, I feel ecstatic, content, excitement, giddy, and even a bit sad and overwhelmed. I hope I never become callous to this song.

Zero Percent- Jason Mraz
Well our friends on the front porch, well they're telling jokes
And they swing swiftly towards them happier times.
They're expending a line and finding more energy for the effort
And getting distance from that front porch spotlight.
But, us, we found peace in the shadows
Long enough to see the monsters rise.

Candy's got some space to fill in her daydream
Living high on yesterday's lies
Talking to me about some zero percent interest
And how she got a better deal than the next guy.

Oh my God, and the way the lightning shocked us
When we were lost and we were looking down that long deserted highway
Your hair was longer then and now I can remember
See now I remember oh, so well.

Oh, the roads encumbered by cats
They're burning like wet matches
Through my miracle mile mind

You left your thumbprint inside me now for months it seems
But mine only brushes your soft surface
And somehow,
Somehow it leaves me listless
My tongue curls under my lips, oh, oh, yes.
So I can't speak to tell you of the months before I met you

And the way the truth it locked us, oh,
Right 'bout the time after the lightning shocked us
I'll say it again.

When we were young, when we were young and missing
'Round that small New England byway
Our lives they were sheltered then and now I can remember
See now well I remember, oh, so well, almost too well
Well, it's not even being about that anymore
I gotta get you down tonight.

Those tiny fragments of perfection
They please me in a time unchanged
When it's not the same beginning
Or a long-awaited end.

If I knew all the words, 
I would write myself out of here.
If I was all the colors 
I would paint you pretty in gold
In a picture, so I'm told, little sister.

So now I'm sold, little sister
Why don't you tell me all about the sunsets in Sweden
And the laws of Eden
And how you were the rock of Gibraltar
And how they called you "foxy."

Well, that's another whole box of Pandora's,
That's another whole box of them ties.
Slide your foot off the gas
Before we crash
Right back into the median, Lord.

It separates our house
From the middle of the street.
Mi casa, en el medio de la calle. 

Our house.
It's on the front porch where we're telling the jokes and swinging oh, so swiftly toward those happier times.
They're expending all those lines and finding more energy for the effort and getting distance from that front porch spotlight. 
But us, we found some peace in the all of them shadows, oh, long enough to see that monster die, oh long enough to see the monster die. 

Is it long enough? Is it long enough for me?
Oh, my. If it isn't, and if it isn't, and it ain't, and if it don't. If it can't, then it won't. 
And that's just the way that it goes, over and over again.
That's just the way things go.

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