Tuesday, September 22, 2009

From the fam

Um, I wish I could express just how jazzed I was when I got this on Saturday. The Great Mouse Detective is the perfect blend of old Disney craziness, Sherlock Holmes, and Willy Wonka.

The thing is, now I'm watching the Daily Show and Jon Oliver is doing his bit. Makes me wonder how impossible it would be for me to be a comedienne in England.

Sad news: my camera broke some time between Tuesday and Friday. I don't use it often, but I really was fond of that particular camera.

But happy days will prevail: the sun was out today, the rain is gone for a little bit, and I just rocked my US History exam.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Birthday List?

Can I be 8 for a minute and make a birthday wish list? kthx.

  1. A serger in order to "make more professional-looking garments." I don't know, that's what they always say and I do hate hemming things. I have a lot of dresses and skirts in my "Finish" pile only because I'm scared of hemming them unevenly.

  2. A Nikon SLR camera. Mom has a Canon and it's amazing, but I'm incredibly partial to Nikons.

  3. A Fleet Foxes CD.

  4. these vintage coffee cups. They look like ones I had when I was 3 that came in a tea set. They had Barbie on them instead of the pretty green and blue. Not going to lie: I like them both equally.

  5. This/A coin purse (in general) (This is also lovely)

  6. Any art in general, especially Jessica Gonacha Swift and Flapper Doodle

  7. Cher Pop ArtI love this. I actually may buy it for myself.

  8. Anything from Etsy.

  9. Anything directly or indirectly related to Cher, Lucille Ball, Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart, or Ryan Gosling in Young Hercules.

  10. A date with Ryan Gosling. Sorry, those pictures really made me regress.
I could never date Ryan Gosling, because we'd be having a great time eating dinner or something and I'd be far to distracted thinking of him in Young Hercules costumes. And I'd ask him everyday to reenact this scene from YH until he was so fed up that he'd break up with me. Being realistic and everything.