Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, be careful what you wish for

Well, I did see a deer. Three, actually. One on the side of the road (kinda sad) and two on a woman's skirt. The BACKSIDE of the skirt. 

By "deer," I don't mean those cute Bambi-like deer or the Japanese-style deer that are cute and whimsical. I mean wild, find-'em-in-my-yard-and-feed-'em-corn, have-a-friend-whose-dad-hunts-and-has-one-on-his-wall, ACTUAL deer. (I can't find a picture of the skirt, but it was knitted and the deer looked exactly like this, position and everything) And by "woman," I don't mean a hipster college girl who's too cool to care what she wears and thereby, pulls off [almost] anything she wears. I mean that girl's mother. A mother who was obviously scared to death of her age. Even my grandma commented on it, and she thinks EVERYTHING matches (no lie-- every day, she tells either me, my mom, or one of my sisters that "It doesn't matter what you put together. These kids nowadays are just wearing whatever. Everything matches everything!" to which we reply half the time with, "No, not exactly..." and the other half, "Lousy kids"). 

Dear potential, future child(ren) of mine,
Hello. This is a nice little blast from the past, n'est-ce pas? You're welcome. In return, you must NEVER let me wear a skirt with wild animals on it. I don't care how old I am, because I figure that if I'm old enough to have kids (let alone kids who can read), I'm too old to be whimsical (read: crazy).
Thanks kid(s),
Treena (What I will be called)
Since I'm on this kick of getting what I want (or at least what I write down), I want something fantastic to happen this week. 

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