Monday, February 16, 2009

Started fantastic, ended with an elevated leg

With 4 days before the best weekend of the year, and after about 12 hours of sleep over the span of 3 days, I pretentiously decide to pass a girl on the sidewalk. I didn't HAVE to, but I hate being behind people, so I thought, "Why not?"

Here's why not: After stepping off the sidewalk and taking three steps, my right foot finds a HOLE in the asphalt and decides that it's a good place to rest, while the rest of my body wants to keep on trekking. 

Yes, that's right. Right now, I'm in my bed, where I have been for the last 10 hours, with my foot on top of two pillows and under a bag of ice, with a sprained ankle. 

 And the only thing I can say besides "WHY!?" is this:

Zut alors.

Hopefully, it isn't too bad and I can be out and about by Wednesday. My mom is on her way up here, because I'm five, and though I thought I could handle the excruciating pain on my own, I was wrong. She's bringing me my ankle brace (this is my third sprain on the same ankle, but my first one in 6 years) and she thinks it's fractured. God, I hope not.

I wanted to work out today. It was supposed to be a simple day. I even went to class instead of skipping my last class to nap like I'd originally planned! 

The good news is, many fantastic things did happen this week. It kind of keeps my mind off the throbbing.

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  1. Oh no! Well, I have one more piece of news to cheer you up - you won the giveaway on One Pearl Button! Please drop me an email with your mailing address, and I'll get your package in the mail early next week!