Monday, June 1, 2009

First weekend

Saturday night, one of my closest friends left for and arrived in Honduras for a six month mission trip. I thought she was leaving next month: Saturday night, I was at a party.

Sunday morning, I realized how much I should be doing and how little I really am. I don't want to waste any more time.

Saturday morning, a very good friend and I went to the Indie Craft Experience in Centennial Olympic Park. We bought presents for people we love and a few things for ourselves, including two delicious cupcakes from Dulce Vegan! I love ICE, because it's just miles of inspiration and good conversations.

So between two days of inspiration (I took my mom and sister on Sunday after church!) and God, I think I can stop wasting time. I'm writing it here, because even if no one reads it, it still solidifies it in my mind. I need to be held accountable to what I promise myself and others.

I will not waste my precious, limited time with trivial, shallow, and stupid activities. I will treat my body like a temple and know that it is an amazing thing. I will spend more time with my family and less time trying to salvage relationships that I shouldn't be in anyway. I will stop undermining God and pretending I know better than He does. I will love with all my heart and try to let things roll off my back. I will continue to be optimistic, but still work hard towards what I want.

Now, I am going to help my sister with her writing. Mom bought her advanced kindergarten books to do during the summer so she won't fall behind when she goes to first grade in August.

(I had pictures, but my camera is on the lam again)

(P.S. Jessica Gonacha was at ICE and I LOVE her art. It's unique, but not too abstract)

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